Culturope – introduction Culturope is a cultural logistics system which aims at creating and maintaining a global up-to-date database of practising artists and their artistic activities.

The primary focus of our agency is to collect and organise data related to artistic activity for European artists and to act as an agency by providing a database that is accessible by a free registration process. Artists, representatives or any individuals acting as organisers can get into the database of Culturope by filling in a registration form. However, only after checking the validity of the details given during the registration process can they be fully registered members of the database. Only with the consent of the members will Culturope make the address and phone number public, otherwise all information will be treated confidentially .


Culturope – The European Culture Logistics System – is the first culture logistics organisation in Europe. It lays emphasis on preserving the uniqueness and diversity of European cultures in the way they are seen and experienced by their local, authentic representatives. That is the reason why we would like to know more about the activities of professional as well as amateur artists, and look forward to descriptions of contemporary works and any preserved cultural values.

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